Sunscreen Update

New Sunscreen Permission 2024

We are updating our Sunscreen offering. Babyganics products no longer meet our quality standards. Sadly, we have seen many brands we used to trust being greenwashed. We are happy to announce we are committing to ThinkBaby and/or All Good sunscreens which meet EWG standards. We no longer provide Insect repellent for the school as we use Mosquito Joe's (after hours) to prevent insects. We welcome families to provide nontoxic repellents if needed.

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Sunscreen & Hand Sanitizer Permission Slip

I give permission for Evolve Early Learning staff to apply hand sanitizer (rarely and only outside), and school provided sunscreen brands either ThinkKids or All Good (nontoxic) High Quality sunscreen on my child, for the duration of their enrollment. I understand that staff will only apply center-provided sunscreen in the afternoons. FAMILIES ARE REQUIRED TO SUNSCREEN IN MORNINGS AT HOME. It is the families’ responsibility to apply sunscreen in the morning and we will reapply after lunch or if needed for water play etc. The teachers have my permission to reapply sunscreen as needed throughout the day.
Sunscreen and Hand Sanitizer Permissions
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