Mission & Story

Every day, in every way, I am safe, supported, and valued.

Vision: An experiential learning community of environments, experiences, and relationships that sustains and benefits life by honoring the innate brilliance of each child, teacher, family member that chooses to be part of our village. 

Our Mission: co-create a compassionate village of independent and motivated young learners who have personalized learning communities that honor their skills and talents while preparing their minds, bodies, and souls for learning and living within a connected and complex global community.

We believe ALL children are born with unique talents, gifts, and ways of being. For a child to grow to their best self, the conditions they grow in must be supportive, safe, nurturing, and responsive.

Our Values: Safety & Love, Gratitude & Joy, Courage & Peace 

Investing in Life-Ready Kids

Our commitment to serving children using an evidence-informed, personalized system of care that is both defined and undefinable gives us the best chance at preparing children for a future we cannot begin to predict. Each child, each family, and each community will have unique strengths and specific needs. Our “Living System of Care”, honors the unique brilliances of each child and family. We include families in developing personalized learning communities and plans that create happy, healthy, and Life-Ready Kids! 

We know that children thrive with powerful relationships, authentic experiences, and intentional environments that are developmentally appropriate, natural, and engaging. It is the cumulative message that a child receives that sets up a child for the rest of their life. Together we can ensure it is an empowering message. We aim to be the best investment you can make in a child’s lifetime.

Consider, a world so rapidly evolving that we are preparing our children for a future we can not even begin to clearly define. How can we assume one way to do so best?


Using a mindful integration of Models, Mentors, & Masters in the field of Early Childhood Education, neuroscience, psychology, and social and behavioral sciences strengthened by our community involvement and leadership, we develop the Mind, Body, Soul (purpose, social & emotional well-being), Spirit (personal passions, wellbeing & beliefs), and Ubuntu or Interconnectedness.

Ubuntu is the principle of universal belonging and value which is experienced through contribution and connection to ourselves, each other, and the natural world.In an ubuntu driven early learning environment, we expose children to essential human experiences through story, play, experiential learning, relationship, and reflection. In a community that practices self- awareness and compassion children learn to value contribution, kindness, and connection instead of competition, fear, and self-doubt. This is how we co-create Life-Ready Kids! 

The Living System’s Ecosystem is Sustained by Safe, Supportive, Nurturing, and Responsive…

Relationships with dedicated educators, parents, peers, and community members who co-create learning through high quality interactions that are compassionate, affirming, and intentional. 

Environment or Village can sustains the interest, health, and plays an active in experiential learning that is both developmentally appropriate and safe. The classroom and playground are created and maintained by early learning experts with learning, well-being, inclusion, environmentalism, social interaction, and comfort in mind.

Experiences are authentic, open-ended, and include an integration of teacher led, child-led, and community-led activities that promote all developmental domains. Families, community members, and other positive role-models are welcomed in to the center on a regular basis and often share about their unique journey and perspective. We value shared wisdom, service-driven and collaborative learning.  

Play Based & Child Centered

We have learned more about the brain and the way human’s develop in the last 25 years than we have the past 2,500. Evolving Early Learning is an on-going and co-created process supported by many years of experience. 

We integrate many natural, play-based, and child-centered educational approaches such as Reggio EmiliaHigh ScopesReWilding, Democratic Schooling, Project-based Learning, S.T.E.A.M. & 21st Century Skills.

It is also important that we never put one particular curriculum or philosophy above the needs of a child, family, or community member. Flow and flexibility promote creativity and learning opportunities. 

In addition, our strong foundation in i.b.mee.’s Empowerment Education Paradigm Framework will support us in creating a system that fosters the highest level of loving, learning, and leading, from within. Our staff will be highly trained in developmentally appropriate practices, inclusion and equity, anti-bias & trauma-informed education, community & self-care, S.T.E.A.M., and fostering “Life-Readiness” skills. 

Each child will have a Personalized Learning Community, Plan, & Portfolio to promote whole-person learning and connection from home, to after care, and to elementary school.  


Evolve Early Learning