Introduction to the Digital PlaySchool

Schools may be closed but minds and hearts are still open…we are on your team.

We are here to collaborate with commUnity so the next generation can thrive. Together we will be role models and leaders in this uncertain times. This project is an experiential co-created learning environment with a focus on social and emotional development and support in a complex time.

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“We have set out to partner with parents to create a Digital PlaySchool where young learners can have a voice through their personal blog page and connect with their peers, other families, and their teachers. Through the Biology of Belief and co-resilience, we will weather the storm and develop strong communities.”

Corrie Price, Founder of Evolve Early Learning

You might be asking what is Digital PlaySchool??

Digital means on the internet or “web” and using technology, like a computer or a phone. PlaySchool means learning, playing, and connecting with our families, friends, and teachers. So, we will be connecting online to learn and play with our friends.

We will moderate and host a safe, supportive, and engaging learning environment that acts as a bridge to the meaningful relationships children and teachers are missing during social separation.  Online schooling and digital resources are great, however they aren’t a replacement for human interaction. At the Digital PlaySchool families have a jumping off point to create project-based learning experiences that connect and calm. Teachers create interactive learning adventures that include videos, projects, inquiry, and more! 

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Should I join the Digital PlaySchool?

Do you have a child in your life that is missing their friends and needing social connection and emotional expression?


Are you able to help them get started, type, of otherwise support them in reading and sharing posts and comments?


Great! You are a prime candidate for a family page. The links below will get you started. 

Check out the blog!  

How to Create Your Own Kidblog page on the Digital PlaySchool

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Corrie is the Founder & Directress of Evolve Early Learning.
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