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Looking Backwards, Facing Forward

In October of 2018, I took a business course and began working on my business plan for Evolve Early Learning. I remembered, I was really focused on a global unifying aspect of Evolve commUnity. So, I peeked at my thinking at the time. I find it extremely relevant for the current manifestation of the human experience.

One of my favorite phrases in community development is, we are linked like fences. Meaning that each person or organization is somehow linked through a series of other connections and together we create a safe container. Each link it unique to the topography and the organism you are working to protect or keep out. In other words, fences are responsive and reflective.

Over the past two weeks our staff, families, and community have tried to figure out how we are linked and it is a process. Technology, children, insecurity, life’s in upheaval….it will continue to evolve. We will adapt. Finding out passions and sharing them seems to support many.

The Digital PlaySchool Kidblog is a bright-spot for may of our families and teachers. Join us!

We are also looking back to our roots and values to guide us in this uncertain time. We invite you to join us and share your story. We are in this together.

Evolve’s Vision October 2018

Evolve Early Learning Preschool, After care, Summer Camp, Community, and…

“Pop-up Preschool” in Fall 2018, the first steps of Evolve.

The Global Vision: Evolve Early Learning Village is a forever evolving global learning village that shares stories, trials, victories, and curiosities from the frontlines of the field of Early Childhood Development. We believe that by sharing our stories we can elevate the practices and perceptions about Early Childhood Education and raise the bar for the MOST critical (and most misunderstood) developmental time in a person’s life.

We believe ALL children are born with unique brilliances. In order for a child to grow to their best ability the conditions they grow in must be supportive, safe, nurturing. The Conditions that children growing are made up of their: 

  • Relationships with dedicated educators, parents, peers, and community members who co-create learning through high quality interactions that are child-centered and are based in best practices. 
  • Environment and Village is a third educator that develops the whole-person through experiential learning that is both developmentally appropriate and play-based.
    • Goal: Create a network of Contributors who will support children and the environment. 
      • Community Coordinators/Admin.
      • Facilitator/Teachers
      • Families
      • Community Members
      • Service Providers
      • Volunteers
        • Senior Mentors
        • Champions
The building in its original glory.
Evolve Early Learning today.

What will happen to Evolve?

We will join the revolution. We will do whatever it takes to continue the mission and create unique value adds for our commUnity. We will be open to collaboration and letting compassion, an equity lens, and environmental awareness guide us.

Our blogs and videos are just one aspect of what we will offer. Caregiver Coaching, preschool playdates, and social support series will follow. We will assess every week wether to reopen or not.



Corrie is the Founder & Directress of Evolve Early Learning.
Evolve Early Learning