Inclusion & Equity

We believe in opportunities for all children.

Acknowledging and accounting for the historical debts opposed upon people of the global majority; Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and Native people, we commit to creating opportunities for learning and leading for all children in our community.

We acknowledge that archaic systems based in the dominant culture, covertly and overtly cause intergenerational harm by perpetuating injustice, oppression, imprisonment, shame, and poverty. This intergenerational harm is seen in the moral, economic, educational, socio-political, and historical debts some children experience due to the lack of influence, opportunity, and voice given to people of the global majority & those who identify differently than the dominant cultures “norm.”

It is time for a new vision in early learning that unites communities and expand assets and opportunities to all families despite the color of their skin. We aim to build upon the models, mentors, and masters who have lead the way in the continuum of anti-racism, anti-ableism, and human rights work we are joining.

Evolve Early Learning