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$50 per month

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$275 per month

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Establish a Strong Foundation

At Evolve Early Learning, we understand that early childhood is the most critical time for establishing a strong foundation for learning and development. We celebrate each child’s interests, gifts, and talents. We strive to nurture the whole child- mind, body, spirit, and soul- for learning and living in the unpredictable future by integrating traditional skills and structures with project-based learning and critical thinking. 

We believe that children are naturally curious and their primary means of learning is through play. Our mission is to provide an enriched environment, with developmentally appropriate activities, to nurture and facilitate the learning process. As teachers it is our responsibility to serve as positive role models who recognize the individuality of every child and encourage their efforts to construct their own understanding about the world around them through self-directed play and social interactions. ALL children are born with unique talents, gifts, and ways of being. For a child to grow to their best self, the conditions they grow in must be supportive, safe, nurturing, and responsive. 

We maintain our high quality of care by providing low teacher to student ratios and by hiring and training staff that live as role models and advocates for kids in and beyond the classroom. Every teacher works directly with the founder, Corrie Price, to develop their unique way of supporting children and personalizing learning. 

Our natural environment and learning-scapes take early education models like Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and High Scopes into the 21st Century by adding S.T.E.A.M., problem-based learning, and whole person development using the latest research in brain and body development. 

We are an Inclusive CommUnity

Children with Special Rights, Needs, and Accommodations are GIFTS in our Classrooms

“Inclusion has always been the vision for Evolve. Our world is best experienced when we truly celebrate the diversity and specializations we each possess. They are our gifts! We are thrilled that several families with children who need extra time, attention, and accommodations have trusted us to truly listen to and love their children so they can have friends, learn, and be themselves. It is truly a magical thing to witness the empathy, understanding, and tolerance that children naturally possess when they are given the chance to work through challenges and triumphs with peers of different backgrounds and abilities.

Together we all grow more flexible, loving, and resilient not because it is hard but because it is possible! Seeing someone overcome a challenge and find their “happy place” empowers everyone in the room. Your success is our success and it is apparent in all of our classrooms. We are sincerely grateful to the teachers for their incredible intuition and dedication to meeting each student where they are and finding ways to engage each child in relationships. As parents you may hear confusing or even sad occurrences at times happen at school. Verbal and physical incidences that we wish didn’t occur but we trust that together we can get through them. Kids are highly resilient when supported. These episodes are unfortunate and they are a part of the process for young children to learn boundaries, safety, social norms, and accountability. We aim to take shame out of the equation and focus on restoring peace and relationships. The more we do this the less the episodes happen.

We invite you to be thought partners with us as we celebrate diversity and inclusion. It has never been more important as this year has increased mental and physical health demands and challenges most of us. We each need to be “handled with care” right now. Inclusion benefits us all.”

– Founder Corrie Price

Evolve Early Learning