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“We need a global shift of focus from academics to wellbeing and from educators to human developers.” Child Psychiatrist Dr. Jean Clinton

- The Evolve Early Learning Employee Bond -

A Self-Assessment

As an Evolve Early Learning Ambassador, I…

    • possess an inner commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of children and advocate for social, environmental, educational, and economic justice for all beings.
    • model and practice self-compassion and community-care, positive participation, clear communication, problem-solving & leadership skills, and kindness to the best of my ability.
    • appreciate and honor the interdependence of our planet, it’s creatures, and it’s people
    • express my feelings, talents, and perspectives and connect to my inner motivations
    • participate in training to ensure safety, support, and cultural responsiveness at the highest level. (Including background check, pre-camp training days, and in-real-time training and support.)
    • actively and mindfully supervise and support children.
    • chose to be present each day to co-create safe, supportive, nurturing, and responsive environments, experiences, and relationships. 
    • understand that flexibility and taking risks is necessary to innovate & contribute to the unfoldment of safe and stimulating learning 
    • understand that cooperation and communication is necessary to thrive & contribute to listening and leading
    • can uphold our values: Joy, Justice, Gratitude, Love, and Courage

-Positions for the 2019-2020 School Year

-Full Time Job Descriptions-

-Part Time Job Descriptions-

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Evolve Early Learning is an Equal Opportunity Employer