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I am safe, supported, and valued.

Preschool for the Heart

A place where ALL young explorers have the opportunity to become

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We weave together the wisdom of mentors, models, and masters in the field of early learning. We understand the importance of preparing children for a future we cannot begin to imagine. We use evidence-informed models and lived experiences to advance the quality of early learning for our students and beyond. We embrace creativity, problem-solving, and authentic learning. 


The first 7 years of life are the bedrock for the next 100 years. We understand the importance of developing the whole child, one experience at at a time. We also understand that social and emotional experiences are the most remembered and “downloaded” of our childhood. We intentionally allow play, positive coaching through challenges, and exploration to guide the curriculum.


Each child comes into the world with innate brilliances and special rights. We appreciate these gifts and dedicate our curriculum to allowing children to explore their interests, beliefs, and feelings about themselves, their community, and the world. Our relationship-based models give children the safety they need to develop. Families are invited to be MVP in this process.

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At Evolve Early Learning, we understand that early childhood is the most critical time for establishing a strong foundation for learning and development. We celebrate each child’s interests, gifts, and talents. We strive to nurture the whole child- mind, body, spirit, and soul- for learning and living in the unpredictable future by integrating traditional skills and structures with project-based learning and critical thinking. 

We believe that children are naturally curious and their primary means of learning is through play. Our mission is to provide an enriched environment, with developmentally appropriate activities, to nurture and facilitate the learning process. As teachers it is our responsibility to serve as positive role models who recognize the individuality of every child and encourage their efforts to construct their own understanding about the world around them through self-directed play and social interactions. ALL children are born with unique talents, gifts, and ways of being. For a child to grow to their best self, the conditions they grow in must be supportive, safe, nurturing, and responsive. 

We maintain our high quality of care by providing low teacher to student ratios and by hiring and training staff that live as role models and advocates for kids in and beyond the classroom. Every teacher works directly with the founder, Corrie Price, to develop their unique way of supporting children and personalizing learning. 

Our natural environment and learning-scapes take early education models like Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and High Scopes into the 21st Century by adding S.T.E.A.M., problem-based learning, and whole person development using the latest research in brain and body development. 

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Empowerment Education

Empowerment Education by i.b.mee. is a healthy and empowering, holographic, open-source framework of education, designed to motivate a tidal wave of innovative new learning environments all over the world. The framework holds the space for the diverse nature of human beings and how they truly operate and learn so that they can BE THEMSELVES and have the best chance of reaching their full potential in life. This is the key to show up as Well, Empowered, heart-centered Leaders, who love to learn, love life and are living their Legacy. Staff are trained in this system and our children benefit from it as a guiding light in all we do. 

Click here to learn more about i.b.mee. 

Our Philosophy on Behaviors

Behaviors are window into the well-being and wisdom of the soul. We understand that developing brains and bodies need time, patience, and regulated adults to have the best chance of growing up as a resilient humans with social and emotional intelligence and self-help skills. We work with children who are experiencing big emotions to develop safe coping and processing strategies. Each classroom is equity with “Space Places” and materials for understanding and working through feelings and disempowerment. We believe children need to express their feelings, needs, and wishes without fear of shame, blame or micro-agressions. We ensure staff have opportunities to practice self-care and community care which allows us to meet out children with compassion each day. 

It is our belief that when children receive positive, non-violent, and understanding interactions from adults and others, they develop positive self-concepts, problem-solving abilities, and self-regulation without shame.  Based on this belief of how children learn and develop through their challenges and successes.


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Partnership for Empowered Kids - The ME/WE

  • Listen to and respect children
  • Model appropriate behavior and use story and play to teach “soft-skills”
  • Mentor and coach our teachers through challenges
  • Coach children through overwhelming experiences and big emotions
  • Partner as allies with families to build trust and a team of MVPs
  • Use developmentally appropriate language and natural consequences
  • Find win-win solutions and repair when possible
  • Practice transformational and restorative justice


  • Physically or verbally punish children
  • Shame or punish the children
  • Deny food, play, connection, or rest as punishment
  • Overlook how trauma, hunger, tiredness, or changes can affect behavior
  • Leave the children alone, unattached, or without supervision
  • Allow discipline of children by children or by parents other then theirs
  • Ask what is wrong with someone, but instead ask, what happened/what is going on?
  • Allow violence or aggression as solutions to problems