Evolve Eco-Explorers!

Learning & Loving All Summer Long!

Monday - Friday: 9am - 4pm

All camps are $250 / $25 sibling discount

*Extended Care Available. 8am-9am $30 & 4pm-6pm $50/wk


Ubuntu, often translated as, “I am because we are.”, is a philosophy and a quality of being based in the idea that ALL of humanity is connected. In practice, we respect and appreciate the interdependent and mutually beneficial relationships between a child, her/his community, and the environment.

Learn by Doing

Experiential learning included intentional and engaging opportunities for children to learn through experience, reflect upon those experiences.. Authentic community-based activities allow for practical application and discovery of new skills and learnings. Children feel excited and empowered to learn and try new things.

S.T.E.A.M Powered

S.T.E.A.M. stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Using the design process to integrate these concepts allows young learners to work on 21st Century Skills such as Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Creativity & Innovation, and Communication & Collaboration.

Every Week:

Safe, Supportive, and Nurturing
Environments, Experiences, and Relationships

Engaging Integrated Environmental & Character Education

Connection to Nature, Yoga, Mindfulness, Wellness, & Leadership

Not your average summer camp!

S.T.E.A.M. - Maker Lab & Artist Studio
(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math)

Child-led Project-Based Experiential Learning

Trained Teachers & Active Role Models

Special Guest Educators & Field Adventures

Unique "Eco & Me" Themes Every Week for ages 4-7!

Buggin' Around!

A Journey of Perspectives

June 24 - 28

Explore the tiny world of insects and arachnids. Discover how they are part of the larger web of life. Identify how their small contributions make a big impact on our lives. Children will discover that their small action also can have big impacts. Children will delight in learning about and creating light-up fireflies! 

Feathered Friends

An Eggscelent Week of Social Discovery

July 1-5

(Open on July 4th!) Explore bird migration, vocal vibrations, & their vital role in our ecology. Create our own bird-like rituals, wings, bird calls and friendship bonds. Answer, “Which types of friends do you wish to flock with this year?” This week we will learn that together we can go far and sore high! 

Nocturnal Nature

The Science of Nighttime

July 8 -12

Explore the magical world of animals and plants after dark. Discover just how much you and a BAT have in common! Children will create their own non-fiction movies about nocturnal animals using our green screen to turn day into night. We will explore how animals fall asleep and give children tools to use in their own steps to slumber. 

Where the Wild Things Art!

A Journey Through Natural Design

July 15 - 19

Wild animals are fascinating and have been depicted in art since the beginning of time. Explore artists and art that shows the beauty of the animal kingdom. Create your own pottery, weavings, paintings, and mixed media 2D and 3D art with local artists. 

Nature Nurtures

Discover the Nature of Caring

July 22 - 26

Together we will answer the question: Who is the best mother or father in nature? Learn about rattlesnakes, kangaroo, alligator, birds, fish, whales and more. Children will learn how care looks and what needs must be met for young animals (and people). Service Learning with local animal rescues. 

WNC Weather Wonders

Be Wowed by the Weather!

July 29 - 8/2

Can you catch a cloud in a bottle? Understand the present through the rings of a tree? How does the weather make life as we know it? The NOAA National Center for Environmental Information will be part of our adventure when we head to the splash pad downtown. Your child will never look at weather the same way again.

Trees & Me!

A Journey Through Gratitude

August 5 - 9

Explore the universal love for trees. Explore gratitude and it’s a relationship to joy. Learn how to express gratitude and appreciation for ourselves, each other, and the environment. Visit local “Trees of Asheville” and make suggestions for new plantings. Learn about the insects and animals that live and love trees, too.

Young explorers will discover their unique connection to the natural world while building resiliency and confidence in their inner worlds!